Yes, There IS Hope for Reversing Chronic Kidney Disease…

*NOTE: I was a stage 5 kidney disease patient who is able to free myself from dialysis thanks to the help of Duncan Capicchiano's The Kidney Disease Solution. I am sharing this video so it will be known to those suffering from the same disease that there's this program that may be able to help you.

THE KIDNEY DISEASE SOLUTION IS NOT A MIRACLE CURE. You need to COMMIT yourself into following the guide to get better result. It took me FIVE months to get off of dialysis by following the program to the letter so if you are looking for an OVERNIGHT CURE for your kidney disease then this program is NOT for you.

To those planning to purchase this program, your success depends on how well you follow the guide. TAKING ACTION IS IMPORTANT *

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“Today, June 29thmy father went to his doctor’s appointment to receive his blood test results. So basically, after 7 weeks of the treatment, my father went from creatinine 5.48 to 3.7, hemoglobin 9 to 10, Total Cholesterol 275 to 210, LDL 185 to 141 (without cholesterol pills) and his GFR 12 to 20.”

Juana Gutierrez


“For about a year my GFR has been between 30 and 20. Since reading your book, my last two visits to the Nephrologist the number has been 45. I told him about you, and your book, and asked him if he knew about you – he said he had never heard of you, but, if it’s working I should keep at it! I told him I had no intention of stopping.”

Naomi B. Beneteau

“Your book was very appreciated and uplifting and I have incorporated a lot of what you have said. When I started my GFR was 59 – it is now 82.”

James Mathers




The Kidney Disease Solution is an “all in one” step-by-step program that provides you with everything you need in order to reverse your impaired kidney function, halt kidney disease and protect your kidneys from further damage so you may avoid dialysis and transplant:

  • Kidney Repair Tools including detailed descriptions of every product you need from ancient remedies to modern science to help your body heal
  • The Kidney Disease Treatment Plan has been tailored to individual circumstances so you can feel confident that the cause of your kidney disease has a solution
  • The Kidney Disease Treatment Plan has been tailored to individual circumstances so you can feel confident that the cause of your kidney disease has a solution
  • Free Premier Subscription for the latest news and ongoing free updates of our solutions … we are committed to helping you get the best out of your health right now and into the future
  • Email Support – if your question hasn’t been answered in our FAQ section, contact our experienced team and your question will be answered by email.
  • A ‘toolkit’ of natural remedies shows you what you need to take to literally repair your kidneys from the inside-out(page 28)
  • step by step guide on what to do to eradicate the root cause of your kidney impairment quickly and easily (page 49)
  • Learn how to make Nanna’s secret tea recipe that she attributes to giving her life back (and as does many of our happy customers) (page 82)
  • Learn a solution so simple to help your kidney function that you will wonder why it hasn’t been discovered before (page 81)
  • Learn the 6 essential rules you must know before you decide to exercise (page 93)
  • Learn proven “relax on demand” stress management techniques (page 99)
  • Learn what foods to eat and what foods to avoid to revitalise your kidney health (page 79)
  • Get the monthly newsletter filled with handy hints and tips, plus the most recent cutting edge research findings
  • Get LIFETIME access to updated versions of The Kidney Disease Solution
  • Get unlimited LIFETIME email support from our experienced team
  • An entire section about juicing specifically beneficial for kidney function (page 84)

The Kidney Disease Solution eBook is now available for $159.97 $87.00. Free email support by a qualified team and Free access to the latest cutting edge research, tips and hints we discover each month.


“Finally I have found in your kidney disease solutions, support for my well-being.”

Aurora Rominger

Languedoc, France

“Even my Doctor wants me to maintain this regime.”

Ellen Fielder

Katong, Singapore

“My CREA is down by 25 points, and my RBC went up to 13 points. Aside from that I have lessened my skin dryness, improved my urine output and color…”

Archie de Chavez

Manila, Philippines

“I must thank you greatly for your eBook. It explains in perfect detail so much about the kidneys. About what they are supposed to be doing and how they can go wrong. I fact I know of no other book that contains so much detail about them. I am especially grateful for the section that takes into account all the individual background conditions that start to affect the kidneys and to cause them malfunction.”

Stephen Pepler

Ottawa, Canada

“I actually bought the Kidney Disease Solution for my dad. I researched like crazy until I found the right fit, which was your program…It just made sense to me and was everything I was looking for and more. We’re just trying to keep my dad off of the operating table. He has reported he feels alot better. Well, I just wanted to let you guys know that at my dad’s last appointment, his creatine levels were had dropped 100 points!!! Amazing!!! Thank you sooo much!!! I will admit I had a bit of sceptisism at first but after all the research and hunting, I went with you guys and I am sooo glad I did.”

Mark McLean

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

“This program i would recommend to anyone that has Kidney problems. I constantly tell all my friends about it and so far how it has helped me, they are totally amazed. One thing i can say for sure with Kidney issues everyone should try this as it definitely worked for me. I just don’t jump into anything before getting it as i don’t always trust the advertiser but in this case you have made a believer out of me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making your program available to people like me.”

Mary Smith

Highland Beach, Florida

“I noticed something the first few days on the tea… that felt rather like a teeny bit of mental change. I felt a mild interest in life. After 6 weeks I was up 3-5 hours a day and one Sunday morning I invited my kids to brunch. That was unheard of before because I didn’t have that energy to be interested in company let alone actually go to brunch. I even commented on it to my kids. (I am 65, they are in their 30’s with kids of their own.)”

Rosemarie Tropf

“I am thrilled to report that after one month following your plan, my GFR jumped from 37 to 47!!
I started most of the vitamins the day I got the NOD from my nephrologist, and within four days my stamina was increasing. I was able to find all the herbal supplements and ingredients for the TEA in Amazon and had them within a week.
I am Shari Roten. 54 years old. Mother of four, grandma of five. Wife, sister, aunti, friend. And I have polycystic kidney disease. My brother and sister have been had transplants, and my sister has also had a stroke. My dad died at 46 due to complications of the disease which resulted in a brain aneurysm. I’m going to keep fighting! Thanks so much for your help.”

Shari Roten

Newport, WA USA

“I am so happy to see the results. It dramatically improves her kidney, from 11 to 21 . From stage 5 CKD to stage 4 CKD in just nearly 2 months time. Her blood sugar also dropped a lot. I rang my mom in law to tell her the good news. Everyone was relieved and she just needs to continue taking the supplements and herbs.
It really works Duncan. Thank you for sharing the kidney disease solution.
Hope this also serves as an inspiration to anyone who seeks hope for kidney disease.”

Rebecca Lalatag


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