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Medical Researcher, 2nd Generation Naturopath and Kidney Disease Expert, Teaches You How To:

Reverse Your Impaired Kidney Function Naturally – With Results Noticeable Within Weeks

Heal Your Kidneys And Have A Better Quality Of Life – By Making Simple Changes That Have Dramatic Results

Improve Your Quality Of Life Even If You Are On Dialysis – This Guaranteed Method Assists Kidney Function – Even If You Are In “End Stage Renal Failure


Find Out What Secrets His Research Uncovered – Including Ancient Remedies, Not Commonly Known, Till Now – that can help you:



So … Getting This Information Is Very Important – Every Day Counts when you are managing kidney disease.

Recover Your Health Without Using Drugs

Reverse Your Impaired Kidney Function

Avoid Dialysis

Avoid Kidney Surgery

Reduce Your Specialist Visits



Introducing: Duncan Capicchiano ND, fully Qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Medical Researcher and Author


Dear Kidney Disease Sufferer,

You’re about to find out that it’s possible to reverse impaired kidney function and avoiddialysis and/or kidney transplant surgery. By following the same step-by-step holistic healing protocols that thousands of people around the world have already followed with successful results, you can improve your kidney function and your quality of life, too. My name is Duncan Capicchiano and over the last 9 years, I have had a special interest in kidney disease because one of my beloved family members, my wife’s Nanna, was diagnosed with advanced kidney failure without warning.

Once I was over the shock … love and compassion drove me to research night and day … investigating ancient remedies through to modern science, that finally led me to develop a solution that really works (backed by a 100% money back guarantee – that’s how much I believe in this program). Kidney disease sufferers who diligently follow the step-by- step strategies in this system are having astounding results.

And … Nanna was my first extremely grateful patient. The smile on her face and the joy in her voice when she told us how well she was feeling after following my recommendations was worth all the sleepless nights and researcher frustration I experienced in finding this kidney disease solution.



The Kidney Disease Solution is an “all in one” step-by-step program that provides you with everything you need in order to reverse your impaired kidney function, halt kidney disease and protect your kidneys from further damage so you may avoid dialysis and transplant:
Kidney Repair Tools including detailed descriptions of every product you need from ancient remedies to modern science to help your body heal

The Kidney Disease Treatment Plan has been tailored to individual circumstances so you can feel confident that the cause of your kidney disease has a solution

Comprehensive Nutrition Plan outlining the exact foods that you can eat to help your kidneys heal and increase your kidney function

Free Premier Subscription for the latest news and ongoing free updates of our solutions … we are committed to helping you get the best out of your health right now and into the future

Email Support – if your question hasn’t been answered in our FAQ section, contact our experienced team and your question will be answered by email.


Shocked By Impaired Kidney Function Diagnosis

“I was really shocked to find my kidney function down, and my sugar and cholesterol levels very high. I was dumbstruck and decided to be pro-active. After lots of investigation I alighted on your website and purchased your package. It was very easy to download, and your receipting facilities and follow-up service excellent.
  I followed a very precise diet for 6 weeks taking into account your Kidney Solution references! My sugar levels have already come down and I have lost weight. Plus even my Doctor wants me to maintain this regime.
  I have told one of my friends about your program, too!”

Ellen Fielder


The Kidney Disease Solution will enable you to provide your body with the vital nutrients and support it needs so that your kidneys can actually heal. Now, I know thatdoctors say that once your kidney function falls or your kidneys are damaged, there is no way to improve that function or heal your kidneys … but I am here to tell you this is not true, if you know what to give your body and how to support it, your body will do the rest.

If I am having dialysis, will this solution help me? Yes, absolutely … however being on dialysis the treatment goals change. The main goals would be to reduce the number of dialysis treatments needed and improve your quality of life (e.g. increase energy levels, reduce symptoms, improve sleep, etc.). I have had some people come off dialysis by following this program, but that is not common and there are many factors that come into play to achieve these results.

How do I know that your solution will successfully treat the cause of my kidney disease? My eBook is the closest thing to having me right there in a one-on-one consultation. This program is laid out in such a way that it is able to account for everybody’s uniqueness – by individualising the treatment to your symptoms and causes.

I find it hard to believe that natural medicine can heal my kidneys? You have 60 risk free days to try this program and find out for yourself. It’s not a matter of believing, you’ll know it works when you get the results, just like the thousands of people around the world who are already using the program successfully.

Who will really benefit from this program? People who have Kidney Disease, Chronic Kidney Disease, Renal Disease, Renal Insufficiency, Stages 1–4 Kidney Disease, Kidney Failure, Renal Failure, Glomerulonephritis; or even if you don’t know what type of kidney function loss you have, as long as:

You have a Glomular Filtration Rate (GFR) greater than 15ml/min*

You don’t have any other major organ failure

You are willing to make some dietary adjustments and follow my word (but don’t worry, you’ll want to)

* If your GFR is below 15ml/min, this program is still beneficial, but it is more for protection and halting the progression of the disease to avoid dialysis and transplant for long as possible, ease of symptoms and providing a better quality of life.

Who will not really benefit from this program? People who have any genetic disorder causing kidney disease such as Polycystic Kidney Disease or Alport Syndrome. Though I have had many people try the program (with a genetic disorder) who have found it useful purely to ease symptoms and give added protection… but results vary greatly.




you finally have hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel

you can wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, get out of bed and do all the things you want to do – without having to go back to bed before morning tea for another sleep you can walk up the hallway without getting out of breath

your symptoms will ease and perhaps you’ll be one of the people for

whom the symptoms disappear permanently

you’ll feel like your old self in no time

you will have the energy for your most important relationships

your skin will be soft and smooth

your appetite will return and so will the color in your skin




increase your energy

bring back your appetite

help you manage your stress

dramatically improve how your urine looks and smells

your red blood cells will return to normal

your breathing will improve … walking will be a pleasure not a struggle

the anxiety of planning meals that support healthy kidney function will dissolve


 it will give you a step by step guide to a healing program

step by step recipes to follow with a nutritional analysis of each meal and why you should eat these ingredients

simple instructions for clearing your energy each day

free lifetime online support

easy to follow instructions to STOP the downward spiral of depression

lifetime subscription to all new research and updates to the program

If you are suffering from kidney disease or impaired kidney function, you can rest assured that I am going to help you reverse your kidney disease and improve your kidney function. You will quickly feel your old vitality return when you start using this easy to follow step-by-step 3 phase healing program.
If you are desperate to learn how to reverse your impaired kidney function permanently … and regain your health and wellbeing, without drugs, without typical kidney disease treatments, and without any side effects, then this is the most important letter you will ever read. I guarantee it and I’ve got the results to prove it!


Grateful Client #1 Stephen Pepler

“In short I was a wreck. I had “End Stage Renal Failure” (ESRF) … I was thrilled to notice I began to feel better within a couple of days.

“Dear Duncan, My name is Stephen Pepler. I live near Ottawa, Canada. I am 81 years old. I had a stroke in January 2008, before which I was pretty healthy. The stroke left me unable to swallow and so I began to lose appetite and all food tasted weird. E.g. apples tasted like raw potatoes. I started losing energy and stamina & muscle mass. My sex drive dropped to zero.

I went to my doctor who referred me to a couple of specialists and a nephrologist. After a while this guy told me I had “End Stage Renal Failure” (ESRF) and set me up for either a kidney transplant or dialysis. I declined this at first but finally, because I could hardly walk any more – let alone able to do any exercise, I consented.

This is when I came across your Kidney Disease Solution. I was excited when I came to your statement that one could take your treatment even when undergoing dialysis. So I immediately purchased your eBook. As soon as I had downloaded it (which was a piece of cake) I rushed out and bought bottles of Nutrient Name, Vitamin, and Herb Name (I already had most of the other recommended ingredients) and started the course.

I was thrilled to notice I began to feel better within a couple of days. I told the nephrologist about this, but he had never heard about anyone getting cured of ESRF, but he assured me that I would begin to feel much better immediately after fitting the dialysis catheter. He had never heard of anyone going off dialysis. So I told him that he should read up on what Naturopaths are doing. The bottom line is that I am getting set up for dialysis right away, but as soon as my blood work shows that my kidneys are up to par I am going to get the catheter removed. I am feeling considerably better today after only being on your course for only about ten days.

I must thank you greatly for your eBook. It explains in perfect detail so much about the kidneys. About what they are supposed to be doing and how they can go wrong. In fact, I know of no other book that contains so much detail about them. I am especially grateful for the section that takes into account all the individual background conditions that start to affect the kidneys and to cause them to malfunction.

I don’t know anyone who is or has been on dialysis, but no doubt I will begin to meet some in this predicament in the near future and I will surely tell them the great promise of enlightenment offered by The Kidney Solution.

Thank you so much for your encouragement. A very satisfied customer.”

Stephen Pepler (81)

Ottawa, Canada

Grateful Client #2 – Dave

“In 6 Weeks eGFR Gone From A Low Of 22 Up To 28 … After starting a gluten free diet (in conjunction with the low potassium diet he is already on) Dave noticed a difference within a couple of days.”

“Hi Duncan and Erika, firstly, THANK YOU. My partner Dave has IgA Nephropathy and after a worsening of his kidney function, he was advised that he would need dialysis. After subscribing to your program and following all aspects of it, we are THRILLED to provide some very positive feedback to you all.

In 6 weeks he has had 2 blood tests and his eGFR has gone from a low of 22 up to 25 and now 28. (A graph really shows this remarkable turnaround.) After starting a gluten free diet (in conjunction with the low potassium diet he is already on) Dave noticed a difference within a couple of days. His stomach bloating and diarrhoea have gone and he feels less tired. Not only has the eGFR improved, but other kidney function parameters such as uric acid also show an improvement. We can see no reason why his improvement shouldn’t continue to restore kidney function to normal.

I have a scientific background and I am fortunate to have the knowledge to be able to understand the nephrology journals that are now available online. Like you in your quest for your nanna’s health, I want to find as much information as possible that will help. It is obvious from your kidney solution article that you have spent a great many hours in research. Your info on the use of such supplements as Nutrient Name and Vitamin etc, as well as the gluten free diet has enabled me to target these areas that you have already shown are beneficial. Using your article as a starting point, I have been able to gather together articles from leading Nephrology publications in a “literature review” to present to Dave’s Nephrologist at his next appointment in May. We hope that by doing this, the Nephrologist will be receptive to your message and she can help others by suggesting to them what has helped Dave.

Secondly, thank you for the new revised version of the kidney solution which I received and read today. I was very interested in the juicing section in particular.”

“Update: Dave and I are delighted with his progress. It means so much more to us than you can imagine, as we live in quite a remote area with all our animals which are our “fur kids”. If Dave had to go down the path of dialysis, home dialysis was not an option so we probably would have had to sell up and move to Perth, (and leave our animals behind as we wouldn’t have been able to afford a house and land at prices).”

Constance and Dave

Nungarin, Western Australia

Grateful Client #3 – Hank Vreekamp

“The results for me are very encouraging – a drop of 20 points in the last creatinine reading … Thanks for all the good advice in your program – it has helped me enormously. Life is good again.”

“Dear Duncan, I have been following your advice for a couple of months now, and the results for me are very encouraging – a drop of 20 points in the last creatinine reading (four weeks ago) and a general feeling of wellness which I had not experienced in a long time. Next week is my next blood test, and I’m anticipating further improvement in the reading. – I’ll let you know.

The advice on getting the Blocked Out Dietary Tip has had another benefit – no more heartburn, so the pills are thrown away!

As I came out of major surgery 12 weeks ago, correcting urine flow from the kidneys to my stoma (no bladder nowadays), kidney function very poor, lost a lot of weight etc, I am delighted with the results.

Update: Since last writing to you I have just had the latest blood test results, and the good news is a further 12 points improvement in the creatinine level. On top of that I continue to improve in strength and fitness (weight exercising and walking helps), and plan to return to work next month after being unable to for 18 months. Thanks for all the good advice in your program – it has helped me enormously. is good again.”

Henk Vreekamp

Lake Clifton, Western Australia

Grateful Client #4 – Lanette Buss

“My diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease hit me from out of nowhere!!!x It’s wonderful to feel so good again!!! Thank you Duncan for giving me a second chance at life!!!”

“My diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease hit me from out of nowhere!!! I just couldn’t process those words through my brain. It just would not compute. I am a recently retired hospital staff nurse. I was angry. Angry at the doctors, but more angry at myself. I should have put two and two together and realized what was going on in my own body!!! But I didn’t!!! And I was angry at myself.

Then I found The Kidney Disease Solution Website!!! I ordered the Ebook. I also ordered theTesting Device Name suggested, and started making the changes in my diet that were outlined in the EBook.

My blood pressure has gone down tremendously, and I have lost twenty-five pounds. My body still shows that I am alkaline, put I am going to add in some of the suggested herbs as soon as my order arrives.

I feel so much lighter, that’s for sure! Not so fatigued all the time!!! I actually feel like walking and doing some light exercising. I keep telling myself—take it slow and easy! I feel so much better now I am afraid I am going to overdo and really hurt myself. It’s wonderful to feel so good again!!! Thank you Duncan for giving me a second chance at life!!!”

Lanette Buss

Houston, Texas

Grateful Client #5 – Joe Taliana

“I truly feel better, no more dizzy spells, my creatinine has gone down from a staggering 1100 to around the 800 mark and they have stopped giving me the EPO jab since my blood count has improved greatly, they have also completely stopped my high blood pressure medication which is now normal.”

“Hi Duncan, I’m Joe Taliana from Malta, don’t know if I mentioned this to you before but I have polycystic kidney disease. Before I read your ebook I had dialysis [and still do] two times a week, which made me feel very weak, so much so I retired from work (by the way I’m 55 years old) most of the days I felt dizzy and dumpy, now after a few months following your ebook I feel much better, no match for Tyson (as if I ever was), but I truly feel better, no more dizzy spells, my creatine has gone down from a staggering 1100 to around the 800 mark and they have stopped giving me the EPO jab since my blood count has improved greatly, they have also completely stopped my high blood pressure medication which is now normal.

So all in all, it’s rather my prayers have been answered or your method is working. Personally, I swear it’s that tea that’s doing the trick. As for medication, I’m taking a ONE ALPHA 1mg capsule daily and I used to take 6 calcium 500 calcium carbonate tablets which they have now substituted for 12 fermagate tablets daily. These are a new product which I think they are still testing.

Your report was very easy to download and very easy to read, none of that medical jargon that nobody understands. I would definitely recommend your book, I’m sure all those who read and follow would surely feel they are on the road to a better life.

Joe Taliana (Age 55)


Grateful Client #6 – Robert Desalvio

“I have known I had chronic kidney failure for the past six years. I was overjoyed with such fast results. I now feel that by sticking to your diet and vitamin plan I can hold off dialysis for the rest of my life.”

“Dear Duncan, I have known I had chronic kidney failure for the past six years. On September 16th 2009 my doctor informed me that my GFR had dropped to 18 and to get prepared for dialysis. I thought this was very fatalistic. I then went on the internet and thank god I discovered you. I sent for your ebook and followed your diet for blood pressure related kidney failure. Two weeks later I had another blood test and my GFR was 21. After two more weeks, October 12th 2009, my GFR was 23. I was overjoyed with such fast results. I now feel that by sticking to your diet and vitamin plan I can hold off dialysis for the rest of my life. So a big thanks to you and to your nana in law who sparked your interest in kidney failure.”

Update: Apr. 27, 2010

“Dear Duncan … I did receive the second edition of your e-book and had no problem downloading it. I am still doing well in the battle to avoid dialysis. I’m following your directions for the blood pressure diet. It was in September that I was prepared for dialysis and told I would need it within 3 months.

Thanks to you and some discipline on my part I’m still going strong and enjoying life. I’m near 82 years old and walk 2 miles each morning and swim in the afternoon, also still trying to master the game of golf. I give credit to your guidance and positive attitude.”

Robert Desalvio (Age 81)


Grateful Client #7 – Graeme Ashman

“… in mid November [Dad, almost 90, was told] that his kidney efficiency was 36%. On 7th January 2010 his new blood test results came through and his kidney efficiency is now 73% [Dr] said people of Dad’s age should not have kidneys that efficient!”

“Hi Duncan, Dad, who will be 90 in February 2010 was told by his doctor in mid November that his kidney efficiency was 36%.

I first checked with the doctor that the herbs and nutrients would be suitable for Dad and he said they would be. I started Dad immediately on the kidney tea, teaspoon twice a day, and other products as described in your book.

On 7th January 2010 his new blood test results came through and his kidney efficiency is now 73%. The doctor was astonished and wanted to know what we did. I told him about your website. He said people of Dad’s age should not have kidneys that efficient!

PS – I should add that we started the herbs and nutrients on 15 November 2009, and it is now 7th January 2010, so it took less than 2 months!”

Graeme Ashman

Queensland, Australia

Grateful Client #8 – Charbel

“My kidney function was at 9% (stage 5) … I was dialyzing Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I didn’t want a kidney transplant … Within 7 weeks my kidney function went from 9% (stage 5) to 16% (stage 4) and … dialyze Tuesday and Saturday … [to] off dialysis [within months]!”

“Dear Duncan, I want to thank you. I have been suffering from Kidney problems since I was born, due to constant urinary infections. When my kidneys failed in 2007 I had to start dialysis, I was 24 years old and 141 KG, and I made the decision to do my own research on body and nutrition.

My kidney specialists that I had seen said that my kidney function will get worse and within 2 years I will need a kidney transplant. In June 2009 my kidney function was at 9% (stage 5) my Creatinine was at 705 (60 – 125), Urea was at 55 (2.5 – 6.5) and my Calcium was at a low 1.55 (2.13 – 2.63), so low that I had a seizure and I was getting fluid build-up.

I was dialyzing Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I didn’t want a kidney transplant because I spoke to a lot of patients who have had it and they say you have to take over 120 tablets per week for the first 2 years and you have to take 3 tablets per day after that for the rest of your life.

When I was told I needed to do tests in August for kidney transplant I stepped up my research and that’s when I found you.

So I got all the information from my research along with your information and combined them together, and guess what? Within 7 weeks my kidney function went from 9% (stage 5) to 16% (stage 4) and now I only dialyze Saturday, and Creatinine is now at 388 (60 – 125), Urea as low as 19 (2.13 – 2.63) and Calcium is at 2.44 (2.13 – 2.63), my urine is as clear as ever and no The kidney specialists, doctors, and nurses, are amazed and confused at the same time at how can this be. I was telling everyone when I was on Dialysis that I am going to come off Dialysis, and everyone was laughing at me thinking that I was dreaming. They thought I was in denial as they were when they first started on Dialysis. The kidney doctors said that my kidneys are in honeymoon mode but I know the real reason.

So thank you so so so so so so much for all your hard work in research because I know research is time consuming and takes a lot of energy, you have saved me a lot of time and money and you have also confirmed a lot of doubts I had.

Update: I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and guess what I am no longer on dialysis, OMG its incredible, my kidney specialist and the kidney dialysis centre are puzzled coz they don’t know how I could have had all the kidney damage all my life and then have 91% of my kidney damaged and within months not only did I drop to 2 days but my results were so good that I was able to get off dialysis completely.

I know that there is a very high chance I can go back on dialysis but so far so good, and as of this Thursday it would be 1 month without dialysis.

Charbel (age 24)

Sydney, Australia

Grateful Client #9 – Archie de Chavez

“I was diagnosed with stage 4 chronic kidney disease with renal anemia secondary to hypertension. The feeling that there’s hope after all the advice that I will not be well was overwhelming.”

“I found out about my CKD a few months back when I suffered from long agonizing leg cramps. Initially, our company doctor thought I was just dehydrated and advised me to rehydrate once in awhile (Gatorade if possible).

The episodes persisted and I decided to go the doctor again to ask for a laboratory check-up; that’s when I found out that my potassium levels are erratic and my kidneys can’t regulate it anymore. I went to a nephrologist and found out that it’s worse than dehydration, the doctor ran a couple of tests and The physical suffering was no match with the emotional and mental anguish my wife felt during that time.

During my lifestyle change, I did countless research to seek alternative cure for my condition; I was advised that kidneys don’t heal and the high dosage of medications I’m taking is just to prolong my kidney function.

I chanced upon Duncan’s site through Google and read through the introductions. The feeling that there’s hope after all the advice that I will not be well was overwhelming. I called up my wife and asked her to study the site and we made the decision to download the e-book. For me it’s a mutual decision with my spouse, because she’s my support system and I know with her help the instructions in the e- book will be realized.

Today, based from my last laboratory, my Creatinine is down by 25 points and my RBC went up to 13 points. Aside from that I have lessened my skin dryness, improved my urine output and color, lessen urine bubbles, lessen lower back pains, and lessen the feeling of exhaustion. I increased my energy level; sometimes I still feel energized at night after hours of working and driving to and from the office.

I have recommended this e-book to a friend of mine who’s suffering with the same condition. I recommended it because it’s practical, easy to follow and natural.”

Archie de Chavez

Manila, Philippines


Clinical trials are medical research trials that are performed on humans under double blind conditions. This means that the researchers and the patients do not know who is receiving the trial product or the placebo. You can be assured of the safety of every product you put in your mouth or on your skin when you know that it has been proven by clinical trials.
These are the results of some of the clinical trials that provided me with clues when putting this unique program together to reverse kidney disease and improve kidney function.
Coenzyne Q10
In clinical trials with coenzyme Q10, “the coenzyme Q10 group showed a significant reduction in serum creatinine, blood urea and a significant increase in creatinine clearance and urine output compared to the placebo group after the 4-week trial period. After 4 weeks, the subjects on dialysis were significantly fewer in the coenzyme Q10 group than the placebo group (36.2% vs. 90.0% , p < 0.02).
Treatment with coenzyme Q10 improves renal function in patients with chronic renal failure and decreases the need for dialysis in patients on chronic dialysis. “
Ram, B., et al. Randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial of coenzyme Q10 in chronic renal failure: discovery of a new role. Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine. 10(4):281-288, 2000. (Peer Reviewed Professional Journal)
Dan Shen Clinical Studies (aka Salvia miltiorrhiza)
The effects of “Salvia miltiorrhiza on TGF-beta1, ROS and PAI-1 induced by angiotensin II in renal mesangial cells were conducted under clinical trial conditions.
Conclusion: S. miltiorrhiza can alleviate glomerular sclerosis. The kidney protective effects of S. miltiorrhiza may be due to its ability to decrease Ang II -induced PAI-1 and secretion and cellular ROS level.”
Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi. 2007 Nov;32(22):2400-4.
“There is growing evidence that dietary phytoestrogens have a beneficial role in chronic renal disease. This review summarizes the recent findings from dietary intervention studies performed in animals and humans suggesting that consumption of soy-based protein rich in isoflavones and flaxseed rich in lignans retards the development and progression of chronic renal disease. In several animal models of renal disease, both soy protein and flaxseed have been shown to limit or reduce proteinuria and renal pathological lesions associated with progressive renal failure. In studies of human subjects with different types of chronic renal disease, soy protein and flaxseed also appear to moderate proteinuria and preserve renal function.”
Velasquez, M. T., et al. Dietary phytoestrogens: a possible role in renal disease protection. Am J Kidney Dis. 37(5):1056-1068, 2001. (Peer Reviewed Journal)




There is more to healing than just taking some products and eating foods that support the rejuvenation of your body. There is the emotional and mental side to healing as well … and when you have a question about what is happening to you, you need and want to know the answer. Who better to answer these questions, than the people who developed the program?

Not only can you ask questions from our expert team, but we continue to email you bringing you our latest research findings … and we also follow up with you to see how you are going, and if there is anything we can help you with.

So … when you start your healing journey to reverse kidney disease and improve your kidney function, you are not doing it alone, there is support, and we are pro- active with our support.

Thank You For Your Emails And Your Encouragement

Dear Duncan, I feel like I’m writing to an old friend! Thank you for your emails and your encouragement. Yes, it a few months since I purchased the “Kidney Disease Solution”. I am sending you the latest figures from my appointment with my Doctor. To save you time I have included the first figures and the most recent so you can compare them easily. I think they are a story on their own

Latest Readings in BOLD
They don’t believe the figures!!!!!! My Doctor didn’t know what to say and had to look at the computer screen twice and then compare with the printout. Needless to say I am keeping on with the treatment. Thank you again Duncan, your Kidney Disease Solution is really effective and I truly think it has given me some more quality time on this planet.

Dave Sparkes

Goowla North, Australia


Naturally, results will depend on many different circumstances that are unique to you. However, in saying that, testimonial and anecdotal feedback is that you will start feeling positive benefits within weeks, and possibly days if you are a lucky one … certainly within 6-8 weeks people following this program are seeing improvement in the eGFR, Creatinine, and other blood test results.

However in the majority of cases it can take up until week 12 for 99% of our participants to appreciate the benefits of this program in full.

As you know, you can try this program risk free for 60 days (2 months) – and if your kidney function hasn’t improved or you don’t feel better overall, ask for your money back. You haven’t lost any money and you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve given this unique, cutting edge program a good period of time to work for you.

However, I am confident that you will be delighted with your results, like David below.


I Was Rather Cynical About Any Results … In 2 weeks I am Starting To Feel Good. I Am Rather Excited Now!

Hi Duncan, about 2 weeks ago my GFR had a reading of 15 with creatinine 351. The only way out according to the doctors was dialysis. I began looking on the net and saw your article about your Kidney Disease Solution, and after a lot of hesitation, decided to buy it.

I have been on medication for about 2 weeks now; my creatinine has come down to 340 and I have been noticing quite a bit of change around the ankles. My skin was really rough around there, and I have notice after 2 weeks my skin is becoming smooth again. In that time I have gone off diet drinks have lost about 6 kilos and I am starting to feel good.

I must admit though when I bought the ebook I was rather cynical about any results. I am rather excited now and looking forward with anticipation to my visit to the doctor in 2 weeks to have further test.

The e-book was very easy to download, and simple to understand. You are left in no doubt what tablets you are to be taking regardless of stage you are in. I would recommend the e-book too.

David Holt

Cairns, Australia


I am a fully qualified Naturopath with an Advanced Diploma in Natural Medicine, a diploma in herbal medicine and a diploma in nutrition. I was also a co-founder of a leading wellness clinic in Melbourne, with a remarkable 13 natural health therapists practicing together and helping thousands of patients achieve their goals.

Having grown up with a parent who practices as a naturopath, living a life based on holistic principles is inherent … and gives me a great advantage over 1st generation naturopaths.

I have been a practicing naturopath for 13 years and during this time have not relented in my pursuit of holistic knowledge to help my patients. So, have gone on to complete Diplomas in Nutrition and Herbal Medicine as well as many other holistic modalities.


Everything in this program is natural. However, as you know, people can have adverse reactions to foods and plants that can be risky.

As with any new treatment plan, always consult with your healthcare professional first (e.g. doctor, naturopath, acupuncturist) and if you are concerned about any of the products in the program, discuss them with your healthcare professional or email us at the support desk and we’ll help you with any questions you may have and provide any information necessary for you and your healthcare professional make an informed decision.

Drug interactions can occur with natural medicines, though for most people who follow this program the drugs they take do not interact with the natural medicines mentioned in is program. The most common drug-herb interaction we find is with Warfarin, this can be solved by simply not taking one of the herbs recommended. Always check with your healthcare professional or email us at the support desk and we’ll help you with any information necessary for you and your healthcare professional make an informed decision with the medications you currently take.

It is important to make mention here that there are some herbs that you should not be taking if you have kidney disease. None of these are recommended in the program. Though are listed in our program on page 47 for your reference.

If I take a higher dose of the supplements, will the process be quicker? No, definitely not. You can have too much of a “good thing” and therefore increase the chance of unwanted side effects. Always stay within the recommended dosages for all your medicines and supplements.


Yes, some of the information is general and can be readily found on the internet. However, my research led me to investigate the history of holistic medicine in many continents and most of this information is not freely available on the internet.

In fact, this program has been comprised of long held secrets from the orient that hasn’t been shared with the western world and you’ll only find it in this program.

So Much Knowledge That I Have Not Found Anywhere Else

Hi Duncan, my name is Bally Sandhu and I am from Coventry in the UK. I purchased the kidney solution some six months ago and have been following the programme religiously. There is so much information on the net these days and my first thoughts were that the kidney solution was one of many write ups about kidney health, I had no hesitation in purchasing The Kidney Disease Solution which was easy to order and understand and I am so glad that I did. The Kidney Disease Solution is packed with so much knowledge that I have not found anywhere else.

Bally Sandhu

Coventry, UK


“The Kidney Disease Solution” is the only program available in the world with solutions that can reverse kidney disease and improve kidney function.


A ‘toolkit’ of natural remedies shows you what you need to take to literally repair your kidneys from the inside-out (page 28)

A step by step guide on what to do to eradicate the root cause of your kidney impairment quickly and easily (page 49)

Learn how to make Nanna’s secret tea recipe that she attributes to giving her life back (and as does many of our happy customers) (page 82)

Learn a solution so simple to help your kidney function that you will wonder why it hasn’t been discovered before (page 81)

Learn the 6 essential rules you must know before you decide to exercise (page 93)

Learn proven “relax on demand” stress management techniques (page 99)

Learn what foods to eat and what foods to avoid to revitalise your kidney health (page 79)

Get the monthly newsletter filled with handy hints and tips, plus the most recent cutting edge research findings

Get LIFETIME access to updated versions of The Kidney Disease Solution

Get unlimited LIFETIME email support from our experienced team

An entire section about juicing specifically beneficial for kidney function (page 84)

The Kidney Disease Solution eBook is now available for $129.97 $67.00. 3 months of Free email support by a qualified team and Free access to the latest cutting edge research, tips and hints we discover each month.

Try the complete program for a full two months, and if in the unlikely event you are not thrilled with the results, simply email me directly at: support @ beatkidneydisease .com within 60 days, for a complete 100% no questions asked refund.


Immediate access is available to this program after making your secure payment. It includes:

1. “The Kidney Disease Solution” – eBook outlining step-by-step guide to repairing your kidney disease and improving your kidney function.

It contains everything you need to get started on healing your kidneys. All remedies are supported by scientific research. Everything is laid out in layman’s language and easy to understand and follow.

2. Unlimited lifetime email support and Access To Cutting Edge Research and Updates Of The Program (Lifetime)



Your Kitchen Companion Guide To “The Kidney Disease Solution”

This is a sensational 133 page e-cookbook that has been specifically created for you. The feedback from happy customers has been that they wanted more delicious recipes that supported kidney function. So, here it is!

You’ll be amazed to discover how much what you eat affects the balance of your body. So … with this Kitchen Companion, you don’t ever need wonder again if you are eating the right food for optimum kidney function.

The recipes are easy to follow with all your daily nutrients for each meal listed under the instructions.



Kidney Diet Essentials Handbook

You’ll get up to speed quickly thanks to this handbook, which explains everything about the specific kidney diet in easy-to-understand terms.

Yes, it will include the potassium, protein, phosphorus, and sodium levels of common foods, so you’ll know what you’re eating.

But it will do more than that.

It will give you one simple rule to follow, which will ensure that each meal you eat is helping your kidneys.

It will also give you diet tracking sheets, 5 easy steps to stay on track, quick meal plan to get you started fast, and much more.

This essential resource was developed to help you navigate your way to health, simply.



Kidney Health Grocery Shopping List

This quick grocery shopping list will help you zoom through the supermarket, without the stress and  worry of what you can and can’t eat.

Simply use this shopping list to stock up your fridge and cupboard with foods you can rest assured with that will not do further damage to your kidneys. Go from confusion and dismay to clarity and confidence.

This simple guide is may people life-saver!



Yoga Training Video

Get into flow and health with your very own yoga studio at home! Yoga is a proven system to help the body get back into balance and restore health. Best yet, yoga is fantastic for kidney health, and that is why I have made sure you have access to your very own lessons at home.

With multiple yoga postures (asanas) and different skill levels all catered for (from beginners up), you can create your ideal fitness session by picking the yoga postures you love and do them in your time.

These high quality videos will be your personal trainer to health.



MP3 Audio Stress Buster Healing Meditation

International Medical Intuitive and Healer, Julie Lewin, has designed a unique healing meditation for you that guides you to cut all connections to your energy body from all sources.

This guided meditation takes you through an energetic cleansing and leads you into a deep rejuvenating and regenerating sleep.

Even people who believe they can’t meditate or visualise – can do this easily and effortlessly under Julie’s expert guidance … and with fantastic results.



A Complete Health & Wellness Audio & Guide eBook Program

Unlocks important emotional, spiritual and physical fitness techniques, teaching you how to enjoy a lifetime of health and fitness.

  • Scientific evidence exposing the “Incurable Disease” lie
  • The one (and only) medical fact that all experts agree on! (This will shock you)
  • What truly makes pain so powerful and how to eliminate pain and it’s “silent secret”
  • How to get healed with mathematical precision and certainty
  • The secret to eating anything your want without the fear of poisoning your system with preservatives, toxins and other additives


Try the complete program for a full two months, and if in the unlikely event you are not thrilled with the results, simply email me directly at: support @ beatkidneydisease .com within 60 days, for a complete 100% no questions asked refund.



You can keep doing what you’re doing … Feel terrible| Have No Hope | Deteriorate More Or … For Around The Cost Of A Doctor’s Visit

$129.97 $67.00

You can avoid dialysis and surgery You can live with hope … and dream again You can have your whole life back

So, please, trust your instincts … use the program risk free for 60 days

And, in the unlikely event you do not experience significant health improvements … or for any reason you’re not satisfied with the program … email me within 60 days and you’ll get a full refund – no questions asked




Immediate access is available to this program after making your secure payment. It includes:

1. “The Kidney Disease Solution” – eBook outlining step-by-step guide to repairing your kidney disease and improving your kidney function.

It contains everything you need to get started on healing your kidneys. All remedies are supported by scientific research. Everything is laid out in layman’s language and easy to understand and follow.

2. Unlimited lifetime email support and Access To Cutting Edge Research and Updates Of The Program (Lifetime)

The bottom line is that this program works.

You will reverse your impaired kidney function (even though doctors say that you can’t do this), you will halt kidney disease and avoid dialysis and transplant, you will generally feel much better than you could have hoped for, or you will have a full refund.

Why am I so confident? Because this works, people all around the world are getting great results. I have had nothing but positive testimonials and thank you emails since I released this program on the internet.

So let’s get you started on your recovery program. When you do your part I know you will be 100% satisfied. If you are not, as I’ve said, request a refund within 60 days and I will gladly issue you a full refund. Simply email your request to the email I provide.

To your positive health.

Duncan Capicchiano, N.D.
Naturopath, Author, Researcher
Melbourne, Australia

P.S. The way I see it, you have two choices: 1) You can keep feeling tired and depressed all the time, keep wasting money on doctor’s bills, taking drugs, etc, etc … or 2) Try “The Kidney Disease Solution” completely risk free and begin experiencing greater energy, increased GFR, less or no fluid retention, positive outlook and all other health improvements that go with this. The choice is yours.

P.P.S. Remember: The hard work is done figuring out the solution. I’ve done the extensive research. I’ve perfected my method by working with real, live patients in my clinic in Melbourne. All you have to do is click your mouse and turn your life around!

P.P.P.S. Not only is this program designed to get to the root cause of all kidney disease as if you have me right in your lounge room consulting with you … but you have LIFETIME unlimited email support with our qualified team so you don’t feel alone and isolated on your journey to recovery.




NOTE: The Kidney Disease Solution is a downloadable eBook. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the ebook and all the bonuses onto your computer. The ebook format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. Visit Our Official Website for more information.